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It's been raining for hours. That steady thrumming on the roof and lisping slap of drops in pooled water, the infrequent sussuration of cars sloughing over streaming asphalt - I know these sounds, but they aren't familiar, here.

And the sky - at 4am it's dulled some now, but there's still that lavender glow, like a flashlight under a pillowcase. The refraction of city lights shot through water and trapped under a thick flannel of cloud cover.

A long time ago, I was in an alien city, far away from home and everyone I felt safe with. I didn't know how to feel, who to trust, least of all myself. The only thought that seemed clear in my mind is one that comes back to me from time to time, like right now. It was the middle of the day and the sky was clear and blue and nothing like right now, nothing at all like this moment and at the same time exactly like this moment -

The sky is empty, and it feels like an echo.
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Fun Language Fact for the Day:

Both saber and conocer mean "to know" in Spanish.

Saber is to know a fact, a skill, or some other kind of information.

Conocer is to be acquainted with a person or a place.

The important thing to remember, at least I'm thinking, is that if there's any doubt at all as to which word to use, and if the question or statement even hints at having to do with a person, I'm automatically going to default to conocer, even if I'm wrong and end up looking silly.

Reason: because to use saber in context with a person is to say that you really, really know them. As in - um - in the biblical sense.

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Today's yummy Word of the Day, stumbled across while reading Boccaccio's Decameron:

1. Inclined to melancholy.
2. Having a peevish disposition; surly.

Yes, precioussssss, we loves our wordses, yesss we doessssss.....


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