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Oh, yeah -

My suggestion for an alternative to the pro-war rally on September 11th met with approval at the meeting tonight. This is what was just distributed via the Stop the War Machine newsletter - I might have used the word 'respectful' rather than 'mournful', myself - but it would just be nice if people would show up.

From Stop the War Machine:

Well, Donald Rumsfeld appears to be organizing a Freedom Rally in
Washington DC on Sept. 11 to “Support the Troops”. Perhaps he means
“Support W” or “Support the neo-cons” or “Support the Oil Industry” or
“Support the Empire.” We are hearing that you have to register at a military
website in order to attend?

Our response to this is to have a vigil of our own. In contrast to
Rumsfeld’s celebratory event, ours will be silent and mournful. You are
invited to come to the Federal Courthouse on Sunday, Sept. 11 from
12-2pm and wear black.
And you do not have to register at a [military] website in order to be permitted to come.
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Went to the meeting at the Peace & Justice Center tonight.

As organizations go - they're - um, small.

My contribution to the war - er, ANTI-war effort -

Look, Ma - I made a flyer.

Image hosted by


Aug. 14th, 2005 05:47 pm
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Well - got a response to my solicitation for activism. Wow. Yoinks!


To: "D." <******>
Subject: Re: Protest the Bush Pro-War Rally?
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 17:06:53 +0000

Hi D -

I haven't heard of anything yet. If it's OK with you, I'll put your message with your email as a contact on our newsletter. Folks might contact you to let you know. Also, you're invited to come to our meeting Aug. 17 - Wed - 6pm at the Peace Center in Albuquerque (corner of Harvard and Silver). We'll be planning the big Sept. 24 rally in Abq but why not discuss 9/11 as well?



Wow. Okay. Well, be careful what you wish for, eh?


So here's my idea - tell me what y'all think:

I'm thinking this - what about a short walk/bike event (like 3 miles or something simple - sheesh, I'm in shitty shape for this kind of thing) where people get other people to sponser them for the miles they walk and the money goes to a local charity - I was thinking something like the group, Another Side Counter Recruitment Effort - they're the ones that are trying to spread true information about the heinous methods of recruitment used by the military to coerce young people into joining up.

I mean, rather than just walking and 'making a statement,' why not try to raise both conciousness and some fundage that might actually accomplish something, eh?

HA - just had a thought - since the Bushies are calling their insulting excuse for an 'event' the 'Freedom Walk' - what about calling this the 'Truth Walk'?

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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Also sent an e-mail to (see previous two posts). Unfortunately they don't have a contact phone number for follow-up.

Christ. Can't we just stake GWB through the heart and get this over with? I mean, aren't blood-sucking fiends supposed to dissolve into dust when you do that? Or has Joss Whedon just been leading me on all this time?
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No response to the e-mail I sent to, but then again, given their disclaimer, I didn't really expect one.

So, I just sent an edited version of the same to the Albuquerque Peace & Justice Center.

::crosses fingers::
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Submitted today to


We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you are experiencing a problem, please return to the previous page and select a different option. We get a lot feedback, so please don't expect a personal reply. But all mail is read.

Your Name: ~D~
Your Email: *****
Subject: Organizing Protests Against Sept. 11th Pro-War Rally

Hi, thank you for your time.

I checked your website and forums and didn't find anything like what I was looking for, so I hope you don't mind the question.

I just read the announcement about the Pro-War Rally organized by the Bush Administration to take place on September 11th, and I was wondering if anyone is planning any kind of counter-protests, specifically something in cities across the US, since most of us can't fly to Washington to protest there. I'd be willing to help organize something where I live (Albuquerque, NM), but I have no idea how to go about doing so.

If there's already something under way that I can help facilitate and you can let me know where I would look for further information, I would really appreciate it. If you haven't heard of anything, any suggestions you might have for an inexperienced political activist would *also* be much appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance for your time,

Albuquerque, NM

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There's going to be a Pro-War Rally on September 11th this year.

No, this is not sarcasm, this is not a joke.

There is going to be a Pro-War Rally on September Fucking 11th this year courtesy of the Bush Administration.

This is fucking INSANE, people.

Hands up everyone in Albuquerque who thinks we shouldn't organize a protest of this rally here in our own town. And rope in every conceivable kind of media coverage available to document it.

And everyone in whatever town they live in - I don't give a bloody fuck if you're reading this in fucking Kurdistan right now - organize your own goddamn form of peacful protest SOMEWHERE - because how long do you think it will be before this kind of Nuremburg Rally shit doesn't affect you?

Jesus H Motherfucking Christ on Crutches in a Goddamned Sidecar.

X-posting. JESUS.
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Well, shit.

There goes my theory that the safest way to avoid governmental mass hysteria and the wholesale dissolution of human rights was to leave the USA.

BBC News: Secret terror courts considered
Special courts sitting in secret for pre-trial hearings in terror cases are being considered by the Home Office.

Anyway, Britian's off the menu for the forseeable future.

God help us all.
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The Alibi, while not my favorite rag, did a really good story on Another Side, a counter-recruiting organization dedicated to giving people first-hand accounts of the scams and sleight-of-hand tricks that military recruiters are using to try to improve their crappy enlistment numbers. If you're going to be a teacher, pay particular attention to the last three paragraphs - this is the kind of shit that your students are going to be subjected to by these rat bastards. The recruiting guys I mean, not the counter-recruiters. Duh.

Fresh Meat ... Not So Fast: Counter-recruiting effort takes shape in New Mexico )
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As usual, Britain is reporting our news better than we are.

And John Conyers is my new hero.

Here's why. )
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Bush and Blair, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G... )

But of course, the MJ trial is MUCH more newsworthy.


Go back to sleep, America. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Thursday U.S. troop concerns about inadequate equipment for Iraq combat are being addressed and he did not blame soldiers for raising the issue with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld


We sure wouldn't want to PISS OFF PRESIDENT FUCKING AWOL now would we?


And in other news, Terry Pratchett's animated series' from 'Discworld' are currently rocking my socks. As does the VLC Media Player, a sweetly simple, yet elegantly functional piece of open-source freeware.

And I have a take-home mid-term and my term paper to finish this weekend. Whilst studying for my A. Lit. and Comp. Lit. finals.


Did I mention that the President is a MOTHERFUCKING INSANE FUCKING BASTARD?

As you were.
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"Every gun that is made,
every warship launched,
every rocket fired,
signifies, in the final sense,
a theft from those who hunger and are not fed,
those who are cold and are not clothed."

-Dwight D. Eisenhower-

Coming, not just from a former President, but also the former Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, I think this means an awful lot.

I want another President like this.

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[ profile] adam_is_klingon has the right idea.

We need to remember, and be aware, that behind every number, there is a face.

As of today, there have been 1,064 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq.

These are their faces.

Vote, goddamnit.

Bring our people home.
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I hate waiting until the last minute to write a paper for class.

I hate writing papers, period.

I'd say I hate school, but I don't - I just hate this semester.

I hope.

Anyway, the latest in my series of sleepless nights sacraficed to homework -
I give you Don’t Want to Study War No More )
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Yesterday, we bombed a mosque full of people in Iraq.

Today, attempts to bring in food and water to the survivors in Felujah are being turned away by American troops.

Today, Japanese tourists are being held hostage in Iraq in order to force Japan to withdraw their military support of the United States in Iraq.

I can't even say everything I'm thnking and feeling. I can't add anymore hate to the world that way. I can't do it.


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