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I don't care if he's a little space alien -

Tay Zonday, you rock my world.

Aliens will come and greet me
Take me to their galaxy
Name a street between the starlight
The rest of your life
You'll look up at me

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I know really fucking talented people.
And I take full credit for having awesome taste in friends.

Beta version of video demo reel by [ profile] pvck , released into the wilds:

Is good.

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One of the reasons I still think I want to be a teacher is because of people like this guy.  As to whether it will ever happen, other than my after school drama gigs, is still up in the air.  And I am somewhere down below, dealing with the daily bullshit and occasionally looking up at that dream.

But this is the kind of thing that makes me look up.

What about you?

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Generally, I find it sad when subculture becomes pop culture.

However, I absolve this instance entirely, for it is full of much joy.

No, seriously - this OWNS.

Gobble-Gobble, every bunny.

Piano Man

Oct. 30th, 2008 10:51 pm
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Courtesy of [ profile] deathboy , my new favorite serio-comic / musical crush.

Plus, the Smithian hair 'n eyeliner combo is hawt.

First, a Poem.

And now, have some Polemics.

And finally, some Personal Space.

Brains - they are so strangely erotic.

It's official.

I'm in wuv.

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This looks simultaneously like one of the most AWESOME and WORST things to have ever been given a budget.

And I'm going to have to see it someday.

Oh my, yes.


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