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Prompted by [ profile] flemco (whose series of recent survival posts are highly recommended reading, BTW), and for anyone who cares, here's my simple attempt at preparedness.  Of course, in a perfect world, I'll never need to use this and it will contentedly gather dust on the shelf.  That's okay.  I can spare a small section of shelf in the service of paranoia.  I'd just fill that 18" x 18" of space with useless crap, anyway.

Here's my BOB (Bug Out Bag). Additionally, there are a few itemized things on hand in the house SHOULD I have the extra moment or two to spare to be really choosy, PLUS the few things it's just good for me to remember I have that panic might drive from my mind in the moment.

All the things in the BOB (my Scooby Apocalypse Kit) are in kid's rolling pack - the kind with the extendable handle; I keep it in that because it's a nice square unit that fits on a shelf handily BUT can be thrown into a backpack as-is.

There are a few at-hand supplies noted that I still have to add to the Scooby pack. Lazy bastich that I is.

I've also noted the few items that I still need to add - my cash flow is in negative digits at the moment - this is the FIRST time in my life where I'm actually behind on the rent, so survival is damned well going to have to wait a few weeks, grar snarl spit.


The Scooby Apocalypse Kit Contents:
• Map Compass (w/the one in the OZT survival kit, this means there’s two in here)
• 1 bottle Allergy Meds (100 caps)
• Nylon Rope (how much? Also more in OZT survival kit)
• Tyvek, for tents (2 med. pcs., 1 lrge – not sure of sizes)
• Small Camp Towel
• Disposable heat packs (4)
• Bandaids
• Toothpaste, ½ Tube
• Toothbrush
• Water Purification Tablets (treatment for 25 qts)
• Ibuprofen (100 caps?)
• Antibacterial Hand Spray
• Antibiotic Ointment
• Soda Can Camp stoves (2)
• Army-Issue Can Openers (2)
• Granola Bars (6)
• Twizzlers (1 pkg.)
• Salted Cashews (1.25 lbs.)
• Zipfizz Instant Energy Drinks (8 tubes)
• Sugar Packets (10)
• Mini-Mag Flashlight
• AA Batteries (4)
• Pocketknife, 7 pc. (kinda flimsy – blade, scissors, 2 can openers, Phillips screwdriver, corkscrew, nail file)
Ozark Trail 46 pc. Survival Kit, containing:
  • Pencil
  • Needle
  • Poncho
  • Notepad
  • Compass
  • Sinkers (2)
  • Salt Packet
  • Firesticks (2)
  • 5-hr. Candle
  • Signal Mirror
  • Fish Hooks (2)
  • Safety Pins (2)
  • Survival Guide
  • Signal Whistle
  • 12-hr. Lightstick
  • Razor Blades (2)
  • Spool of Thread
  • Antiseptic Pads
  • Emergency Blanket
  • 3ft./1 m. Snare Wire
  • 12ft./3.7 m. Nylon Rope
  • 47 Waterproof Matches
  • 30ft./9.1m. Fishing Line
  • 35ft./10.7m. Nylon Cord
  • 50ft./15.2m Orange Trail Tape
  • 4in./10.2cm. Adhesive Strips (2)
  • 3”x3” Sterile Pad
  • 1”x4” Bandages (4)
  • 2”x3” Elastic Patch
  • 3/8”x1-1/2” Bandages (4)
  • 7”x10” Waterproof Pouch
  • 8”x12” Reusable PVC bag
Additional Supplies, time/space/transport allowing - packed for transport but NOT IN BOB:

In Priority Box (easy to grab):
• Solar Shower (water storage bag, 5 gal.)
• Army Mess Kits (2)
• Instant Hot Cocoa mix (2 packets)
• Sterno (1 can)
• Camp Stove (1 burner collapsible)

8 Bottles Heet (anti-freeze; for use with soda can camp stoves)

Other At-hand supplies; NOT IN BOB (duh):

Sleeping bag
Bicycle w/side racks & front basket (but wouldn't it be AWESOME if it DID fit in my BOB...?!)
Blinker bike lights – 1 loose and 1 on bike
Pepper spray
Hooded rain poncho
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Sun screen
lip balm
squawk box
Sewing thread, heavy duty
Sewing needle packet
Aluminum foil
Safety pins
Baby wipes
Cash money
Spare Eye glasses
Bronner’s soap
Swiss Army Pocketknife – 2 blade (needs sharpening)
Clothing – overalls, socks, hiking boots, underwear, shirts, sports bras, down jacket, hoodies

Snake bite kit
Radiation treatment tablets (potassium iodate?)
More water treatment tablets
Beef jerky
Fruit leather
Flint & tinder fire kit
Plastic & ziplock bags
Toilet paper/tissue packs
AM/FM radio
Folding/Cable saw

And there you have it.
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I'm starting to think I took the wrong math course/plan.  Math 119 isn't turning out to be what I thought it was - the teacher is really cool, but the approach of the class, at least at this point, is to throw stuff at you and see if you can "figure it out on your own".  A nice theory, but see, the point is that my brain and the numbers - it's all gibberish to me in the main.  I'm thinking I should have stuck to the regular math crap where they throw material at you, give you a guided set of instructions on how to do the problems, then you do the problems.  This trouble-shooting stuff is just so -

But I'm pretty much committed now.  Trying to get into another class this late wouldn't be of much use to me either, even assuming that I could get into one.

Damn it.

Was so frustrated after class that I went on a jaunt of a bike ride.  Why?  Because it was something I could actually accomplish.  True, going uphill was slow and a bit tortuous in spots, but at least I could *do* that.

I'm pretty wiped out right now, but I have three chapters of history to read for classes tomorrow.  Yeah, I could have done that over the weekend - but did I?  Oh, *hell* no.  

Current goal:  to resume the good study habits I had when I started school a year ago.  Particularly with the State Fair coming up for the next three weeks, time will be at a premium, and there won't be room for fucking around the way I have been.

Tired.  Frustrated.  At least, hopefully, I get some kick ass sleep tonight because of the bike ride.

Oh, and part of the bike ride involved a stop at Wal-Mart ::cringe:: to get myself a small stock of survivalist-type stuff:
  • Map Compass (to replace the one I lost that got me to Albuquerque many moons ago...::sniff!::)
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Waterproof bandaids
  • Water purification tablets
  • Rubbing alcohol, economy size (for impending camp stove construction and experimentation - hee!)

  • 46 piece Survival kit with a bajillion things including space blanket, emergency lights, first aid stuff, razor blade, rope/cords/snare wire, reflective tape, fishing hooks, candle & lightstick, waterproof matches, pencil/paper, teensy little compass (for extra), candle, mirror, poncho, etc. - in a nice little water-proof resealable PVC pouch - all probably weighing about 1/4 pound and can fit easily into a backpack pocket
  • Packet of HeatMax body warmers

  • Microfiber camp towel
  • Collapsible 5-gal solar shower - not so much for the shower aspect - if you're short on water, showers are a bit silly - but because it's a good, sturdy and portable way to carry varying amounts of water - can be mooshed into a backpack without too much fuss.  And, hey - for non-emergencies, yeah, a camping shower.  :)
Yeah, seems kind of silly perhaps, but if nothing else, if the world doesn't end up going to hell in a handbasket anytime soon, I have restocked my camping supplies, and will go on a vision quest or something over some weekend.  Because I also have, er, a small supply of - heh - vision-quest-enhancing stuff.  Heh-heh. ::hugs the stuffing out of [ profile] _gone_still - yay!::   So there's that.  And it's been a while since I've been at one with nature and shit.  Good excuse.

Already have:
  • Alpine-rated mummy bag
  • Swiss Army knife; whetstone
  • Mess kit; silverware
  • Collapsible camp shovel
  • Zippo lighter/fluid/wicks/flints ::hugs [ profile] elegantdreams for replacing the one I lost:: :)
  • Parka, windbreaker, and hiking boots
  • Bar soap
  • Hand sanitizer; pocket-size spray
  • Hacksaw blade (just the blade - wrapped in a towel/shirt, makes an easily transportable if half-assed saw when combined with two sticks and snare wire)
  • Got about 4 or 5 carabiners; could use a few more
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pocket toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Reusable fabric 'feminine hygiene' supplies - yeah, I know - TMI
  • Um. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting right now. Gah.

Still to add to the above:
  • Internal frame backpack - but something not too bulky, as I still plan to bike it as much as possible
  • Hatchet (where *did* all my old nifty stuff go? I'm thinking some stuff may have gone buh-bye with Rover)
  • P-38 or P-58 can opener(s) (Damn it, had two of these - elves took them, I say!)
  • Small block of magnesium
  • Hunting knife
  • Snake bite kit
  • Pocket binoculars or ocular
  • A few Instant bean/rice combos, Rice-a-Roni, and assorted noodle-n-sauce packets; bouillion cubes; powdered milk (actually, I already *have* all these on hand. Doh.)
  • Salt tablets, sugar packets, packet of instant Jello (no, not for cooking - to regulate blood sugar and saline level, nyah!)
  • Shake-powered or dynamo-powered flashlight (old one broke a while back)
  • Some 3,600 cal. MRE bars
  • Parachute cord
  • Waterproof groundcloth; probably Tyvek
  • Maybe a tent.  Still debating on this.  Either flea market or cheap lightweight kid's tent from Wally World. ::cringe::  But tents are a hassle that I usually don't like to deal with, so we'll see.  May just get another length of Tyvek.  

  • Cryptosporidi-approved personal water filter
  • Topographic maps (to replace the atlases and such that got me through *many* adventures along the coast and eventually to Albuquerque - all of which must must have followed the compass, as whither they went I know not...  ::sniff!::)

  • At least 3 different possible locations routed and planned for relocation
  • Tires/inner tubes/tire pump/tire repair kit, extra bike chain, multi-repair tool (already have extra brake pads)
  • Microfiber long underwear
Meh.  A bit at a time and all that. 

I don't mind if you chuckle and shake your head.  Like I say, hey, if nothing else, I gots me the bang-up camping supplies, yo.

Okay.  Homework now.  Bleah.


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