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I had a class with students trying to light a goddamn fire in the back of the room today.

Have I mentioned that I fucking HATE substitute teaching?

No matter.

Friday nights are Lost and Battlestar Galactica at [ profile] jarmon 's, and tonight, his lovely consort led the cooking charge.
Lasagna and Pear Hard Cider and all the sci-fi that make the rest the the week worth surviving through.

Oh, BSG, I lurve you.

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Since the stitchin' income has now gone from 120mph to stalled in the parking lot, looks like I'm going to be subbing a lot for the forseeable future.

Need to figure out what it is I'm really going to do.  With my life and stuff.  Yeah.

For now, I've decided that the way to solve the current problem of hating subbing so much - oh hatey hate hatey hate hate - is that I just have to recognize it for what is is, and accept it as such.

Substitute 'teaching' is a misnomer.
It's babysitting, pure and simple.

So instead of actually busting my ass and being miserable because the majority of the time, it's impossible (for me at least) to maintain enough order to actually accomplish anything of any real value -

Might as well just make the day as pleasant as humanly possible, and if something gets learned, hey, gold star and all that.

I hear so many horror stories from kids about substitutes they've had who are rude - and actually abusive to the point of "why the hell haven't these people been FIRED?" -

And near the end of the year there, I think I was turning into exactly like one of those horror stories.  Getting so frustrated with the disrespect of the students, and even more with the lack of basic fucking courtesy or preparation from the teachers and administration - that I wanted to shoot anyone and everyone in the fucking face.


I guess it's just a matter of letting it all go.
Get through the day.
Fuck it.

Need to start taking the idea of finding a real job seriously.
Yeah, with my usual awesome timing, right?
Because this is such a great time to be looking for work!

Oh, man.


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