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Cheating for Poetry class again.

We're supposed to turn in a poetry portfolio tomorrow, and include a 'Statement of Poetics' at the end for our final project.

Statement of Poetics.

Sounds kind of like dissecting a kitten to see what makes it cute.


So I adapted this entry and tacked on the following conclusion as my Statement of Poetics -


(Insert stuff from entry tagged above, edited for more 'english class-like' format)

It may be that this is how a poet is born; by recognizing a singular attraction to and communion with words. I say ‘born’ rather than ‘created’ because it is only a beginning. A being that is newly formed has no skills other than to articulate need, and it may be that there are scores of poets ‘born’ every day, young men and women who recognize a kinship with and kindling of feeling for words, but who never develop this relationship beyond infatuation; a fondness for the uses that others have put words to. The glimpse of a handsome face in a bus window as it rushes past you can leave a mark on your memory, but unless you chase that bus down, startle the driver into stopping, board it and confront this stranger that calls you simply by having their features arranged just so—you can recognize beauty, but unless you are willing to confront it, engage it in conversation, you have only had half an experience. You are an audience and not a participant.

A poet takes the next step. To write a poem is to take a recognition of beauty or pain or a sensation triggered by an experience and fashion around it a tracery of words that can recreate that sensation in another person’s mind and gut. To be a poet is to build a bridge, and then to walk another across it into your world. A poet is a gardener, planting seeds of speech in careful rows, or a wanderer scattering potent handfuls of tight-packed thought across a fertile space—each providing, in his own way, the opportunity for their own blend of thoughts and imaginings and emotions to take root and spread.

A poet takes the dull-edged words and tumbles them together, allowing their surfaces to polish each other to richness and gleaming smoothness. A poet throws the caltrop shapes of words in front of your wheels, arresting your momentum, forcing you to exist in a stopped space where you must notice what you might otherwise have sped past, unheeding. A poet taps a fluid space, a common well, and brings this handful, dripping, to you for you to taste.

A poet was at your doorstep today, making note of your address. He took from his pocket a handful of his favorites; words strung together in a careful phrase that looped in on itself, an oroborus chain of syllables spelling out a recipe for a young girl’s hair that turned soft as dandelion seed when he touched it. He looped this gift around your doorknob, because this is what a poet does: leaves words infused with his experience in your path, where they wait patiently for your recognition.


So, yah. Them's is what a poet is, ayup.

Not expecting an "A" on this final, but at least it's done.
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If I'd finished this thing even one day ahead of schedule I'd be pleading for offers to proof it. But I didn't, and I can't. This is the way it goes in. So it is printed, so mote it be.

I submit for your approval, rejection, or ignoring enjoyment:

Climbing Up the Down Staircase: How effective communication can reverse the effects of student downward mobility )

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I totally rock the titles when I write papers. Why is it then that I suck so hard at writing titles for poems? And that I tend to end my papers with an overly gushy (and sometimes downright scary) kind of optimism that I rarely visibly display In Real Life?

Ponder, ponder, ponder...

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We have to write a 1-2 page 'Journal Entry' every week on the readings we're doing for Ancient Legacy. This week's installment is on Books 1-13 of Homer's The Odyssey.

Judging from the first day of class, I'm going to like it. Lots.

I do wonder, though, if the prof's sense of humor will be sufficient to let me get away with this paper.

We'll see what we shall see...

Journal Entry #1 )
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"It is finished. Into thy hands, I commend my spirit."

Translation: Kill me already, okay?

And so, my Magnum Hopeless for Poli-Sci. I give you "The Politics of Education and The No Child Left Behind Act"

Hey, I was kind - I didn't include the 5 page complete bibliography. Just the page and a half of footnotes. Whee. )
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...demands a fucking cookie.

One down, one to go.

Thesis Proposal for Poli-Sci Term Paper )
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I hate waiting until the last minute to write a paper for class.

I hate writing papers, period.

I'd say I hate school, but I don't - I just hate this semester.

I hope.

Anyway, the latest in my series of sleepless nights sacraficed to homework -
I give you Don’t Want to Study War No More )
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Poli-Sci short essay due tomorrow.

Supposed to be 2-3 pages.

I've got 1 3/4 pages.

Whether it hurts my grade or not, I'm turning it in just like this. )
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Please respond to the following questions. Focus your thoughts, and be as specific as you can.

1. In your judgement, what is the biggest political/governmental problem facing America today? Why is it the biggest?

2. If you could make one reform/change in the American political and governmental system to make it better, what would it be?

And my response:

Yeah. Like THIS could ever happen... )
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I've been working on one of two papers due, respectively, on Monday and Tuesday. I am within a sharp, pointy instrument's blade of finishing the 'fun' one; a "Create a Religion" paper - that desparately needs just a wee bit o' trimming to make the final cut. It can't be any longer than three pages, double-spaced, or off with my head - and I am three lines over my limit.

I've been reading and re-reading, and I'm getting to the point where I've started adding as much as I'm trimming. I must siesta from this task or my head will go kablooey.

So if you're of a mind to practice the ol' slash-and-hack - by all means, have at it.

Religion Paper: 'The Play's the Thing' )


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