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Feb. 1st, 2009 03:45 pm
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Finally - something that makes me want to listen to music regularly again: 


I've been listening to them through Live365, but they also have a WinAmp stream directly on the site.

Sample playlist from the last hour:

nobody & mystic chords of memory - broader a new sound - tree colored set
replacements -   i.o.u. - pleased to meet me
futureheads - burnt - news & tributes
sneaker pimps - low place like home - becoming x
wonder stuff -   mission drive -   never loved elvis
zoot woman - jessie -   living in a magazine

I'm also rather fond of 97.3 Subculture Radio self-described as "Radio For Rivet Heads, [Industrial] [IDM] [Synthpop] [Goth] [EBM] [Darkwave] [Electro] [New Wave] [Post Punk]."    Sample playlist:

Front Line Assembly - Overkill - Caustic Grip
Vidkid vs Foil Conduit vs Mainline Iodine - Smothered Hope (Skinny Puppy Cover) - Remix Wars
Wumpscut - War Combattery - Mesner Tracks
Project Pitchfork - Steelrose - Steelrose
Depeche Mode - I Sometimes Wish I Were Dead - Speak and Spell
Slick Idiot - Idiot Music - Dicknity

This is another station I listen to on Live365, but you can also stream it from Terra - some Spanish or Portugese station aggregate - but you have to use Internet Exploder for that one *spits and makes sign of the evil eye* - so I much prefer Live365, thanks.

Oh, internets - you bring so much joy into my widdle life.  :)
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I don't care if he's a little space alien -

Tay Zonday, you rock my world.

Aliens will come and greet me
Take me to their galaxy
Name a street between the starlight
The rest of your life
You'll look up at me

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Listening Meccano Mind, the one and only album produced by Syntax before they went toes-up in 2004.  What's keen is that they recently re-formed and a new album is forthcoming.  The sound quality of the vid on their MySpace is - unfortunate.  But that's MySpace for you.  Feh.

They've been compared to Massive Attack, so if you dig on that, this could be up your alley.  I personally detect a generous dollop of Kasabian in that first album, which made me haaaaaappy.  I discovered them when they came up on my "Kill the Neighbor" station on Pandora (don't ask), so they were also once-upon-a-time apparently in the same family as KMFDM, Stromkern, Wumpscut, Combichrist, and others of that ilk.   Go fig.

What's unfortunate is that after a listen to the tracks posted on their MySpace, it seems that their new album isn't as full and dark as that first, glorious splash that was Meccano Mind.  Sad face.

Tried to find a permalink to my favorite song (Strange Days) but could only find a 30-second snippets here and there - however, because I love youse, here's a link to the full song that will only be active for a few days, so click it while it's hot, chillins' - it's my personal favorite taste of the lush, crunchy thumpiness and lyrical taffy-twistiness that is / was - Syntax.

Ach, well.

Awesome first album, though.  Indeed.

Piano Man

Oct. 30th, 2008 10:51 pm
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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] deathboy , my new favorite serio-comic / musical crush.

Plus, the Smithian hair 'n eyeliner combo is hawt.

First, a Poem.

And now, have some Polemics.

And finally, some Personal Space.

Brains - they are so strangely erotic.

It's official.

I'm in wuv.

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This looks simultaneously like one of the most AWESOME and WORST things to have ever been given a budget.

And I'm going to have to see it someday.

Oh my, yes.

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I need new things to listen to, damnit.  Really the only way I've ever been consistently exposed to worthwhile things to listen to has been by recommendation, so -

Hit me, people.  Grar.  Fork it on over.

Music, comedy, drama -
Portable files or online streaming -

Hurry up -  Stuff something in my ear. 
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And many thanks to The Strand for putting a cherry on the sundae for me today.

Rough cut of the next new release, "You Make Me Crazy" -


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Oh holy mother of christ...

Maybe I'm a bit behind the times and y'all have already seen this, but I think I just found another fragment of the Holy Grail of the digital music age. I've seen these before, but all the ones I knew of before died a swift and untimely death, while this one appears to be, not just surviving, but thriving - I submit for your approval a website that:
  • legally distributes music,
  • by independent artists (not those corporate spawned suckers of Satan's cock ...thanks, Bill...)
  • where you can preview the music you're interested in and buy single tracks, some for as little as 25 cents each or entire albumns for as little as $3-$5
  • where what you've bought and paid for, thanks, isn't subject to the restrictions of DRM
  • and the best part is that the artists get 70% of what you spend on them
  • And because it bears repeating - That's right, SEVENTY PER CENT GOES STRAIGHT TO THE ARTIST - as opposed to the average 12%-15% dribble they usually see
I give you: Mperia

 So, go - go NOW - and better yet, tell any friends you have who are musicians that they need to get themselves on over there.


Oh, and Happy 4th of July.  Celebrate musically diverse artistic freedom, yo.

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] deathboy by way of [livejournal.com profile] fysh.

[EDIT: The fact that the owner of the above site took the time to come by and comment on this post speaks volumes to me, insofar as it must mean that he's REALLY looking out for his site and how well it's doing it's job at promoting the artists, to say nothing of the fact that the dude has a sense of humor, which DEFINATELY means he ain't corporate cow dung. Keep fighting the good fight, Josh!]
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Yeah, so Goodspeed! You Black Emperor is my favorie band of all time.

I still totally had to *snerk!* at this.


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