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Before rushing out door to class -

Okay, so this document that the Vatican just released - the one forcibly shoving gays right back into the closet?

It is just me, or does using the phrase "deeply rooted homosexual tendencies" sound like the Church is admitting that homosexuality is a wee bit more than a 'choice'?

Pope Man - I do think you done fucked up there, boy....
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Wow, dykes can actually raise chilluns okay. Whodathunk?

Please file under "No Fucking Shit, Sherlock".
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Hey, [ profile] hillbillie -

Heh-heh. My Letter to the Editor at the Alibi made it into the paper this week.

This one right here.

But a much better letter made it in as well. See if you don't think so.

Dear Alibi,

I was reading something today on gay marriage and it got me thinking. For the record, I don't dig on gay sex. Least, not the guy on guy kind. Call me a homophobe, I'll probably agree. Two women can get it on and, in some cases, I'll try to buy a bedside seat. Call me a male chauvinist, and I'll agree to that too. One thing I'm not, though, is anti-love.

While I respect those who are opposed, especially those who cite religious grounds, I have to say that the right of two loving human adults to bind their relationship in some civil commitment is a basic human right. To separate civil unions from marriage is a simple act of segregation. In the United States, we are all equal, believer and heathen alike. As it should be. Straight and queer, we should all respect the courage that is displayed by two people standing up before friends and community to declare their commitment to one another. What they do behind closed doors in the privacy of their own home is none of my business and doesn't require my approval.

That a nation so rigorously religious and devout would be at the same time so bigoted against a group of persons based on the particular body orifices they like to penetrate is out of whack. As we battle with Islamic religious extremists, I'm left to wonder at our own Christian extremism that sanctions one set of rules for the "God-fearing" and another for the "sinners." Need proof of the "righteous" behaving badly? Then you need look no further than so-called Christians in this country seeking to deny a basic human right to other fellow citizens. Don't like gay marriage? Fine. That lesbian who works in the cubicle next to you will skip inviting you to her ceremony. If sodomy and homosexual relations are indeed a violation of God's plans and rules, if a so-called loving, benevolent God would dare condemn two adult individuals to an eternity of hellfire for their personal choices in penetration, well, I believe that his/her doctrine of free will comes in to play. Using that as a basis, we all have our own right to go to hell in our own way.

It's sensible that George W. Bush would oppose gay marriage based on his religious background. What's troubling however is the issue of John Kerry. Kerry actively courts the gay vote but politically saves face by saying he opposes gay marriage. A man of more conviction and character would have a little back bone. But Flipper John disappoints here.

When the majority chooses to deny a minority basic human rights, then no one is really free.

Mike Caffery

May Mr. Caffery only be penetrated in the ways that please him. I sincerely hope his letter penetrated a few people with Bibles where their brains should be as well.

P.S. Credit to [ profile] ilovescabs for the icon goodness. *mwah!*
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...but lost the war?

The State of Massachusetts high court issued a ruling today that grants the right to marry to same-sex couples.

Now, President Bush has issued yet another war - to 'protect the sanctity of marriage'. He has warned that he will consider seeking a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

He isn't happy anymore with subverting the Constitution - now he's just going to bloody damn well start re-writing it.

He seems to have conveniently forgotten that, traditionally, it is the Constitutions role to grant rights, rather than revoke them.

One of my best and dearest friends in the world is gay. What does he want more than anything in the world? Besides an unlimited Arts budget to produce show after award-winning show, I mean.

He wants a husband and a child.

And my President wants to make his dream unconstitutional.

I watched Strange Days again the other night. And as stupid and Pavlovian as I know my reaction is, I started to cry - again - when Angela Bassett gets the living shit beat out of her by the bad cops. And even more when the streets around them erupt into the New Year's beginnings of a full-scale race-riot - that gives every indication of becoming the next Civil War.

I have a feeling that this country is about to burst open at the seams, very soon. We're so close.

And the thing of it is, the way things are now -

I would fucking welcome it.

I know I'll feel different if it actually happens. My friend the activist talks about how frightened she is that her grandchildren are going to grow up in a country that tears itself to pieces by systematically marginalizing, one after another, greater sections of its own populace.

She's afraid of the same thing I am - that we are, truly, living in a house divided against itself.

We're both afraid of what's going to happen when the roof finally caves in.

I don't know why, but I've always had this weird fascination with post-apocalyptic fiction. Real end-of-the-world stuff. I've always had this feeling that I needed to know how to survive. My favorite book in third grade was My Side of the Mountain, with it's detailed descriptions of how to skin a deer and cure the hide, to make acorn flour, build a home from the hollowed out remains of a dead tree.

I suppose you can imagine the effect that Fight Club had on me.

I've gone from righteous indignation at the potential plight of gay couples to survivalist mode in about five minutes.

I'm probably just a socially-maladjusted freak.

But how far are we from curing strips of jerky on abandoned freeways when the document our country was built on is nothing more than an Etch-A-Sketch?

How far can a country be pushed, until the people being dangled from the precipice start grabbing at the ankles of the ones doing the pushing -

How far are we from all finding out just where the edge is, and just how far down it's going to be?


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