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Spent two hours pulling up weeds and breaking down scrub brush to get rid of the 'nesting' spots for the bugs. If not for the generosity of a certain someone's mom, I'd be in much more hurt than I'm in right now. Back was screaming blue bloody murder - is now subsided to a groan and a whimper.

The good news is - I haven't had to pick a damn bug off myself in at least an hour.
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2 cans of off-brand bug spray = $4.17

Sound of billions of bug bodies
dropping off the walls and into the weeds like -
well, like flies = PRICELESS.

And even though I'll just have to do it AGAIN in a couple days, it was TOTALLY worth it.
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If you stand outside, a few inches away from the wall - which is what I had to do while I was taping up the windows - there are so many of them that you can hear them crawling on top of each other. They're two and three bodies deep in places.

It sounds like a bowl of rice crispies.

And no, I am NOT on drugs, these are REAL BUGS.
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They are in coming in through the mouldings, seams, baseboards.

I sweep them up, spray them down, rinse handfuls of them down the sink drain and dump them into the toilet. I leave the room. I come back

I am losing my FUCKING MIND.


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It didn't work.


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How sick of fucking bugs am I?

I just duct-taped my windows shut from the outside.

Welcome to the world of White Trash Home Renovation.

And while I was doing it?

Remember those old mosquito repellant spray commercials - the one where some stupid fuck puts his arms - one with the bug spray and one without into - into a thing full of mosquitos to display the supposed effectiveness of the repellant? Remember what the arm without the repellant looked like?

That was me while I was taping up the windows. And I do not mean just my arms.

::simmering rage::

Dear God - the next plague you decide to send to New Mexico? Make it something that's too big to crawl through my windows - I'd really appreciate it. Fucker.
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Very frustrating couple of days spent combatting a scourge of small flying insects in my house and getting very little homework done between bouts of spraying Windex (only nominally non-toxic substance I had that I could use indoors) and soapy water (when the Windex ran out), mopping up insect bodies with masses of soggy paper towels, and vaccuming both the living and the dead off the bedroom carpet. Infestation on the likes of a horror movie; inside and out of window screens in living room and BEDROOM (AAAUUUUUGGGHHHH!) crawling with tiny flying little bastards. Have also been going round the outside of the house pulling up scrub brush and weeds so that I could access and spray Raid into the crevices they appeared to be crawling in and out of. They are either a flying form of sugar ant or are very chummy with the ants, as these flying bastards and the ants are - make that were - coming and going from the same holes near the base of the wall. Oh, and an infestation of sugar ants in the kitchen, too; have been setting baited traps for them in there and trying to make sure that the baits aren't acccesible to the stupider of my two cats.

I had previously made a verbal agreement with all the bugs in my house that as long as I couldn't see them, it was okay for them to be here - these guys violated the agreement and I will KILL THEM ALL.



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