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To help me prepare for the rest of the week, aka The Work of Suck - I need to remember that there are things outside the goddamn Asshole Oubliette I have to spend 40 - and now 50-60! Oh fucking Joy! - hours a week in.

Things that are awesome that I can think of right this second:
  • Friends.  (Who live too fucking far away.  The hell is with you people; living an hour+ and/or hundred/thousands of miles away?)
  • Fresh, ripe cherries
  • Thunder
  • Air conditioning
  • Fresh ravioli in vodka sauce
  • Coffee - really good coffee that's gone directly from grinder to coffee maker to cup in under 5 minutes
  • Rayon
  • Foreign movies
  • Scented hand lotion
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paperback books that fit in a purse
  • Halogen lights   (except on fucking cars - jesus seriously, the hell is with that?!?)
  • Cats   (Although "more" is not necessarily "better".  Love the ones I've got but NO MORE PLZ THNX)
And practitioners of the best medicine:
  • Eddie Izzard
  • Chris Rock
  • Bill Hicks
  • Doug Stanhope
  • Christopher Titus
  • Tim Minchin
  • Lewis Black
  • George Carlin
  • Robin Williams
  • Brian Regan
  • Bill Cosby
  • Mitch Hedburg
  • Dr. Demento
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Abbot & Costello for "Who's On First"
  • Monty Python
  • Feel free to give me other recommendations not on the list.  I'm always looking for reminders and for new people to add to the collection.
Now you -
Give me a list of awesome in your world.
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 Since a wave of nasty rumor-mongering is spreading through LJ these days, I propose we beat the madness by joining in.  So -

Tell a Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad, Awful Lie
about someone you know right here.  
Make it a whopper.

I'll start:

[personal profile] koed  made a crucifixion scene out of marshmallow peeps.  And microwaved it.  There's a video on YouTube.  It's horrifying.  And strangely erotic.

[ profile] trickykitty  eats cookies in other people's beds.  The really dry kind that make LOTS OF CRUMBS.  Like, OATMEAL, even.

[ profile] disgruntldgrl  prowls the neighborhood at night putting Watchtower magazines in all the mailboxes.  In footie pajamas.  And pigtails. 

[ profile] corzican  makes pornographic orgami and leaves it in the church collection plate.

[ profile] olive789  makes sugar-free Kool Aid WITH REAL SUGAR.

[ profile] flemco  .....  he...  Ah, there's nothing that bastard hasn't done.  I give.

[ profile] takhisis  once killed a mosquito JUST TO WATCH IT DIE.

[ profile] fysh  has a secret collection of Jonas Brothers albumns.  And a poster in his closet.  I'VE SEEN IT.

Now it's your turn.
Libel, my monkeys,
Slander and Filth Away !

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I'm not sure exactly when first started to hang out as a regular thing on the internets, but it's been at least 9 years and change.  It's a weird place, to be sure.  Couldn't tell you off the top of my head exactly how many ways it's impacted who I am*, but I know my life is different than it would be otherwise, both in the plus category and in the less-than-plus one.

I can definitely think of a few instances in which there are things that I wouldn't have experienced without said exposure, some of which were great with awesome sauce, some that were - er - not, and some that border on the spectacularly weird.

So, tell -

Share an internet story of yours -
good, bad, special-effect freaky.
Something that would not have happened to you
without technological assistance.

Anonymous posting is okay, but not nearly as amusing.
And yes, it has to be your story - no urban legends, thanks.

Spill Your Story, monkeys.

* I can think of at least two at the moment - my music collection is much larger, and I swear a hell of a lot more.  Make of that what you will.
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Q: What happened to your face?

A: Chuck Norris kicked me. Right through the Internet.



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How do you determine that you are "in love" with someone?

Do you base it on:

- How you feel?  - "So-and-so makes me feel good"
- Your impression of that person's character?
- Their actions - in general; towards you, etc.?

Probably all of the above and more I'm guessing, but it would be interesting to hear about your experience.

Fill my inbox.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who would you be if you didn't have to grow up?

Are they the same thing?

Why - or why not?

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How I Know I'm a Deeply Fucked-Up Person - Clue #97

As a kid, one of my frequent pastimes used to be, not playing with dolls, but inventing and 'practicing' survival skills.  Figure out what kinds of things I would need to do to get by in the world if everything I knew were suddenly turned upside down.   What kinds of plants are edible?  If I were lost in the forest, how would I find shelter, food, etc.?  One of my favorite books of all time?  My Side of the Mountain - a children's guide to living with nothing more than a pocket knife, a ball of twine and a bent pin. 

I used to seriously think about things like, how long before canned goods aren't okay to eat anymore?  Would I be able to treat myself for a snakebite?  How would I do "x" if I lost my right hand? 

The question I want to ask a person to tell me about their character isn't something like, "What would you do if you won the lottery!!11!!!" or "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would YOU be!"

Can't you just hear the smiley face emoticons?  Does it set your teeth on edge the way it does mine?

This is one of reasons I know I'm not one of the sanest people on the planet.  Because as a kid, I didn't imagine unicorns and fairies and what kind of pretty, pretty princess I would be.  And as an adult, my idea of winning the lottery is imagining the world as it would be without the human viral load it currently carries, and what it would be like to rebuild it a piece at a time, with whatever happens to be at hand. 

I don't care about what you'd do with boodles of money or as a fucking tree or some shit. 

The question I'd want to ask someone to get an idea of their character would be, "What kind of life would you live if you were the only survivor (that you knew of) of an Extinction Level Event?"

So tell me -
What would you do if life as we know it came to an end?

Are you a survivor?
Would you want to be?

Tell me about your version of the apocalypse.

Tell me now.

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Question 1:
In a situation where you are forced to choose between the two, would you rather be:

a) Liked
b) Respected

Question 2:

Bonus Extra Credit Question
What is a situation in which this kind of choice has come into play for you? 
Describe the situation and why you made the choice you did.
Discuss the repercussions - did you wish it had turned out differently? 
Would you make the same decisions again?
Why or why not?

EDIT:  No particular situation inspired this post - it's just a question that popped into my head - actually, one that's occurred to me on numerous occasions.  So - thought I'd spread the pondering around. 
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So here’s the deal:

I got such a good response to the call for interesting stuff to listen to a while back, I’d like to propose a more global music/ear candy swap. In fact, I like the idea so much that I’m willing to make it as painless as possible for any and all to participate -  so easy, in fact, that you are a fool and a cad if you don’t go along with it. 

 Here’s how it’s going to work:

 1) If you want in, make sure I have your current and correct mailing info.  Comments are screened, so fire away.

2) Through a highly scientific process*, I will decide who to pair you up with from my Friends List.

3) Once I’ve assigned you your Music Mate, I will send you a package with:

  • 1 mix CD (from me, mwahahaha)
  • 2 blank CD’s
  • 2 pre-addressed and postage-paid mailing envelopes.  Well, postage-paid for US-to-US and US-to-Overseas, that is.  If you're Overseas and I assign you to someone here in the States,  I'll send you a little cash-monies in the package for reimbursement since I can't put the postage on there for you.  Did that make sense?  Ask questions if necessary.
See the shiny pic!  I already have the materials in place and ready for dispersal!  Yes!

 What do you have to do?

1)      Assemble a compilation of your own favorites.

2)      When you receive your package, burn that mix onto the two blank CD’s

3)      Put ‘em in the pre-addressed envelopes and send ‘em off – one to me and one to the person I hook you up with.  To make perfectly clear:

a.       1 envelope goes to me

b.      One envelope goes to some random git on my F-List -- huzzah!

4)      Hilarity ensues/PROFIT

 I was going to say, indicate whether you want a CD with mp3’s just thrown on it any which way, or a jukebox-style CD in WMA or CDA format with an m3u playlist, but – screw it.  In the interest of simplicity, you’ll get (from me) a CD of mp3’s, and if I’m feeling really motivated, a suggested playlist.  Heh.

 What’s expected of you if you opt in?  Not much, ya lazy baaaaaaastards.  To Review:  All you have to do is come up with your own mix of interesting stuff you loves and loves well.  When you get the stuffs from me, burn your stuffs onto both of the blank CD’s.  Put one CD in each envelope and drop it in the mail.  I’ll have pre-addressed them and everything – and for my US customers, I’ll even put the postage on there for you.  For y’all overseas—it’s a bit trickier, so I’ll just throw a few dollars American in there for you.  You can spend that stuff where you are, right….?  ::ducks::

No fair trying to play to the crowd - make this a CD about YOUR tastes, and screw anyone who doesn't like what you do. 
Er, well, two people in the world anyway.

 So there you have it.  Jump on the bandwagon, monkeys. 

And do it without dawdling overmuch – I’d like to start my end of it this weekend and have stuff ready to go to the post office by next week.


Note the First:  I’m only sending your info to ONE person.  This is open only to folks what I certifiably trust to hand my own coordinates to, and I’m not sending your info to some yahoo I don’t know.

Second Note! Toot!:  A couple of you, I have other stuff to send to youse.  I'm not sayin' who or what - but you just may get a little summin' summin' extry.  Heh.

Three Notes!  I May Start a Band!:  If you're local and want in on this, I'll either hand deliver or postal you, whichever works best. 

Note Four!  Stop the Madness!:  If there are more than one of you in the same household, I'm perfectly happy to send you both packages to make your own goodies from.  ::looks at [info]flemco  and [info]takhisis, whistles::

Fifth Note!  For Fuck's Sake!:  If you get to the party late, it's okay - I'll find a way to slot you in.  I know at least one of you is in the process of moving house  ::looks at [info]johnnybrainwash  ::  And I still owe you for last year, so...  :-)




* "Highly Scientific" may be understood to mean "Close Eyes, Giggle Maniacally, Point at List."  But I will think smart things while I do it!

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Heh.  Haven't had much time for the 'net the last couple days, but what a neat surprise to find when I got back to it.  Another piece of writing by another talented person on my Friends List.  A new addition FWIW (wave hello to [profile] nedlum!), and a good one if this is any indication.

So - here's a smart and engaging short piece pondering a future in which anyone can find out exactly how they're going to die.

Go - read it - give him some feedback -

And then come back here and tell me -

Would you want to know how you die?  Why or why not?

Or better yet - predict a) your death, b) my death, or c) the death of someone else on your Friends List. 

Or all three if you're feeling particularly morbid.  :D

Amuse me, people.

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Okay, so -

I did an exhaustive (though *far* from complete) suggested reading list -

Is *your* turn now, idgets.

Post here or on your own blog a list of stuff to reads and why youse like reading its.

Share the love, peoples.

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I need new things to listen to, damnit.  Really the only way I've ever been consistently exposed to worthwhile things to listen to has been by recommendation, so -

Hit me, people.  Grar.  Fork it on over.

Music, comedy, drama -
Portable files or online streaming -

Hurry up -  Stuff something in my ear. 


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