Feb. 3rd, 2013

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[personal profile] lolotehe's post  reminded me of this.  It's one of my favorite strips of all time from "Life in Hell":

Those of you who are of tender years: Matt Groening ("sounds like 'raining'") had a career before The Simpsons.

No, really.

If I could have found a decent clip of the aliens from "Toy Story" going "ooOOOOooh!" I would have put it here. Use your imagination.

* Except the part about "Be another poet" - I actually like meeting other poets.  Then again, I have high goddamn standards for what I consider poetry (as opposed to self-indulgence), so I don't meet that many.  Just sayin'.

Of course, due to those same high standards, most of the time I can't include myself in either category (writers/poets).  See: "Am I just a hack?"

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Had to get one of my old writing journals out to find that comic.  Time for more collected quotes from the back pages:

All comedy is based on man's delight in man's inhumanity to man.
          Al Capp

What is love?  Perhaps we may find that love is the ability of someone to give us back to us.  Maybe love is someone seeing and remembering handing us back to ourselves just a trifle better than we had dared hope or dream...
          Ray Bradbury

Once you showed me
what time it was by leaving me.
When I forgot, you showed me again
by coming back.
          Michelle Wahrgren

Life is made of small comings and goings, and for everything a man takes with him, there is something he must leave behind.
          Herman Raucher, Summer of '42 *

I want, not only to be heard, but to echo

* I love the fact that this book is a) based on Herman Raucher's autobiographical memoirs, and b) "...was released prior to the film's release and became a runaway bestseller, to the point that audiences lost sight of the fact that the book was based on the film and not vice-versa." (Wikipedia)

**Oh yeah.  I went there.  I quoted myself.  My self-indulgence knows no bounds.


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